Chapter Code: 10014

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About This Chapter

No. of pages: 20

Chapter highlights:

1. The chapter uses authentic Retail Expansion data of 21 retail companies over a four-year period. The data is useful for professional consumption.

2. The chapter educates the reader on various impacts of retail expansion on KPIs and company benchmarks.

3. The chapter covers -

  • Definition & purpose of Retail Expansion
  • Retail expansion strategies
  • Expansion-related KPIs, their formula/e & application
  • Concept of Franchising in relation to retail expansion

4. The chapter offers following sections -

  • KNOWLEDGE providing information
  • ? THOUGHT TRIGGERS to instigate lateral thinking
  • ABBREVIATION/S of related key words
  • FORMULA/E for use in Work Section or otherwise
  • GLOSSARY of related terms
  • KEY LINK/S for more detail & source of information
  • WORK SECTION for self-practising
  • ANSWERS of Work Section
  • NOTES & COMMENTS to record key learning & analysis

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