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While Sensex serves as the barometer of stock market's health, the changing retail market size plays a similar role. It signals the appropriate entry time and investment opportunity in retail business and helps in making strategic career moves. Policy makers realise the sector's health and make necessary policies using it as a guiding tool. This makes 'Retail Market Sizing' a potent retail knowledge domain.

Suitable for -

  • Consultants, Researchers & Analysts
  • Entrepreneurs, Sr. Retail Managers & Retailers
  • Business Journalists & Investors
  • Management and Retail Students & Trainers

Program Content -

  • Concept & Relevance of Retail Market Size
  • Key Market Sizing Techniques
  • Market Sizing By Geography, Product & Segment
  • Analysis Of Market Size Data

Outcome -

  • Do retail market sizing and future projections on your own
  • Estimate & validate retail market size through credible sources & techniques
  • Analyse before investing in retail business
  • Acquire industry acumen 

Training Duration: 60 mins
Time: On-demand
Price: 799
Offer Price: 99