Return & Refund Policy


1.1 JORSS aims to provide best of ‘KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS’ at your comfort. The objective is to make sure that you have the best learning experience through our products. However, sometimes a product of ours might just not be right for you. This is why we do not indulge in fancy marketing gimmicks such as promotional videos, sponsored ads or paid PR to make you pay for our products. Our products include books and/or their chapters, research reports and training sessions. We mandatorily showcase and share all necessary information about each of our products on relevant web pages to help you make correct choice before you pay for them.

1.2 Since our products in the form of books, chapters and reports are downloadable PDFs; and, training programs are searched, located, read about and then booked online by knowledge-seekers like you, we find ourselves neither responsible nor obliged to RETURN / REFUND / EXCHANGE our products owing to logical and technical reasons. We have same policy in regard to our shipped products too. Therefore, we earnestly request you to kindly go through all required information before paying for our products.

1.3 However, if you still have a valid concern, grievance or issue, you are most welcome to reach us via email at or contact details available in our ‘Contact Us’ section.