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Retail Knowledge Workbook is a unique book and first-of-its-kind on Indian retail. The book provides practical knowledge of retail, educates related concepts in easy-to-comprehend manner and lets the reader know, analyse and practice on the authentic performance data of top retailers encompassing food, fashion & lifestyle formats. It coaches knowledge-seeking retailers, entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers and retail students with equal effectiveness. Readers can download individual chapters of their interest too.


The book is divided into three sections -

Section 1. Retailconomy: The section offers understanding of GDP and Consumption which form the basis of retail trade. The section comprises of two dedicated chapters on:-

Chapter 1.1-Gross Domestic Product
Chapter 1.2-Consumption

Section 2. Indian Retail Market: The section gives overview of India's retail market, its size, trade structure, various retail formats and other related information. The section has three chapters on:-

Chapter 2.1-Market Overview
Chapter 2.2-India's Retail Market Size
Chapter 2.3-Retail Formats in India 

Section 3. Retail Operations: The section explains various retail operational KPIs, their relevance & formula using real life performance data of top retail companies in India. The section has three detailed chapters on:-

Chapter 3.1-Sales
Chapter 3.2-Retail Expansion
Chapter 3.3-Retail Profitability

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