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About Us

Established in 2013 JORSS stands for Judiciously Offered Research Services & Solutions.

JORSS is a knowledge hub which builds, provides and disseminates data, information, skill and knowledge services through research, education and training. We work for clients seeking knowledge to achieve professional and personal goals; build appropriate skill pyramids for learners and experts; and, help entrepreneurs make informed decisions by creating suitable knowledge wealth for them. We deliver through our expertise of data mining, market research and training programs. Our expertise enables us to mentor, coach, consult and advise our clients.

Besides having over 26 years of experience of our founder JORSS has panel of experts from various fields who can deliver across sectors of clients’ interest.

Our philosophy

True knowledge should be progressive, credible, unadulterated and free from all prejudice.  This can be achieved by focusing on objectivity, process, delivery and quality work. All this culminates into long lasting and trustworthy relationship with client.

Our belief

“Knowledge is not what you gain but knowledge is what you retain” - Founder, JORSS

Our vision

To be first choice reliable & effective Knowledge-builder for sincere Knowledge seekers



Founder - JORSS

Sanjay Bakshi possesses combined experience of 26+ years in Retail Management, Buying & Merchandising, Market Research, Industry Education and Training. He has been a key contributor to various industry reports on Indian retail, shopping malls, food and fashion industry. He trains students, professionals and knowledge-seekers on dynamics of India’s retail sector, market research techniques and buying & merchandising. A Consultant for 'Retailer Certification', Sanjay Bakshi conducts coaching and training workshops, one-on-one sessions and counseling to spread insights and knowledge.

( Sanjay Bakshi )