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For JORSS, client servicing is objective-driven, hence we have 3 separate domain expertiseAdvisory, Coaching and Consulting, omitting any mislead that may arise due to interchangeable use of these words, as is often experienced by clients in the market:-


1. Advisory: This is our ‘Market Research’-based service wherein customized research studies are undertaken to provide appropriate solutions to our clients’ predicament. The study findings are analysed, and converted into actionable points to be utilized for making informed decisions.


2. Coaching: This is the ‘Training’-based service aimed at improving individual or group’s performance, eventually benefitting an ecosystem. Process involves defining problem, setting performance goal and delivering a measurable outcome.


3. Consulting: This is client-specific service which utilises our combined expertise of Market Research, Training and JORSS’ in-house knowledge wealth. Our data bank, past studies, industry intelligence and network are key ingredients of this service. Under this, we handhold our clients in:


(i) Business Consulting:

  • We Creat Sellable Franchising Models
  • We Procure Suitable Investors / Business Partners
  • We Facilitate M&As & Transactions 


(ii) Investor Consulting:

  • We Research & Evaluate Business Opportunities
  • We Supply Desired Businesses / Brands 
  • We Assist In Raising Capital / Loan / Funds & Real Estate 


(iii) Brand Consulting:

  • We Position Brands Amidst Competition
  • We Offer PR & Image Building Services
  • We Design CRM / Loyalty programmes


(iv) Retailer Consulting:

  • We Mentor & Implement Trust Mark Standards
  • We Prepare Retailers For Trust Mark Audits
  • We Help In GAP Correction To Earn Trust Mark Certification

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