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JORSS Training service shares industry knowledge by imparting required skill through means of training. Our trainings are research-based, backed by authentic and credible data analysis. We conduct customized in-house training programs and workshops for our corporate clients as well as open house programs for individual training enthusiasts and knowledge seekers.


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Though we deliver across spectrum of industries our forte is Retail. Followings are our core programs for retail professionals, retailers, retailpreneurs, students and retail enthusiasts:-

I. Buying & Merchandising


The 2-level training module enhances knowledge, skill and expertise of Buyers, Merchandisers, Category Heads, Retail Planners, Retailers and ardent knowledge seekers. Participants are trained on Best Global Practices in Retail B&M; equipped with productive tools & techniques; and, are empowered with credible performance data, insights and case studies developed by JORSS Research. It is a balanced mix of technical know-how, learning activities, soft skill and do-it-yourself approach. 



  • KPIs: Sale, margin, stock turn, stock-to-sale ratio, SPSF, MPSF
  • Inventory Management: Merchandise classification approach, Assortment planning, Loss Prevention techniques, reducing stock aging & liquidation expertise
  • Season Planning: Marketing plan, Buying & OTB plan, related financials
  • Analysis Tools & Techniques: Category Performance Grid, ABC analysis, GMROI, TE Index
  • Pricing: Costing, Markup & Markdown strategy
  • Format-specific real life case study


II. Retail Knowledge House


Specialised training designed for Retail professionals in leadership role, Retailers, Researchers, Retail Knowledge Seekers, Management students and Consultants. It aims to develop ‘Knowledgeable’ leaders through credible information, primary data & insights on India’s organized retail. The Knowledge content, first-of-its kind, is the study-product developed from decade-long performance of top retail companies in India.



A 360 degree performance analysis of top retail companies encompassing –

  • Revenue trend
  • Operating margins, Expenses & Profitability
  • Retail Expansion
  • Stock performance
  • Employee productivity
  • Key initiatives in Technology, CSR, Environment etc.
  • Company-specific real life case study


III. Competition Mapping

This is 2-level unique training module, recommended for retail professionals, marketers, project managers, retailers, merchandisers, planners and consultants who are always in need of understanding competitive retail market and competitors therein. It equips participants with professional tools, techniques and skill to identify, understand, analyse and evaluate appropriate competition and elements in the environment which influence store’s operation and offering.



  • Competition: Identifying symptoms and defining the problem
  • Catchment analysis: Approach, technique & process
  • Site Evaluation: Store location analysis
  • Mystery Shopping: Purpose, process, planning & execution
  • Competition evaluation techniques
  • Footfall intelligence 


IV. Trusted Mark Certification


Mr. Sanjay Bakshi, founder of JORSS, is among the key architects of IRF Trusted Mark Certification Scheme for retailers which is first of its kind in the world. The scheme covers retail businesses spanning across all retail operations including hypermarkets, super markets, department stores, speciality stores, e-retailers & service providers, restaurants, jewellers, pharmacies, salons, spas, wellness centres, FECs and cineplexes. It certifies retail outlets on the basis of more than 300 customer-centric standards of customer care & service. Mr. Bakshi personally conducts training workshop on the scheme for interested retailers.



  • Understanding of Certification Scheme & Process
  • Scheme benefits and ROI
  • Scheme Standards, Self-evaluation process & scoring methodology basis which retailer is to be certified
  • Application Process, Certifying Body (CB) recruitment procedure
  • Types of Audits involved, guidelines & costs
  • Rules for Trusted Mark usage, appeals & complaints


Mr. Bakshi is IRF-certified consultant for the scheme who ably advises retailers and assists them in obtaining Trusted Mark Certifcate.

He can be reached at

V. Retail Operations 

We have robust training portfolio specifically designed for Retail operation employees as well


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