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Knowledge Bank

Creating knowledge bank out of chaotic and disorganized information is our strong point.


High cost and limited shelf life of market research studies make them more suitable for big companies. JORSS Knowledge Bank service is apt for people who do not wish to invest in costly research but are in need of constant supply of data, information and knowledge on the subject of their choice. The service builds knowledge wealth around the desired subject in understandable, analyzable and retrievable form to be delivered in a structured reporting manner. The service ably serves to the needs of every professional including service provider, activist, businessman, entrepreneur, consultant, senior management, media person, student, and researcher to name a few.

Service features

  • Knowledge Bank service offers followings for client to choose from, either in isolation or combination –
    • Weekly newsletter on the subject
    • Related Data Bank Management
    • Monthly Analysis Report
    • Scheduled Review Report
  • Every Knowledge Bank is customized and packaged in commensurate to the subject and sector it is related to; process & content is planned, designed and structured in consultation with the client
  • Client has the freedom to decide on content plan, structure, format and delivery mechanism
  • Supplied information is sourced from credible and reliable sources
  • Retainer ship service is available under 3-month | 6-month | 12-month periods

Benefits of Service

  • Extremely affordable
  • Low cost yielding high ROIK (Return On Investment in Knowledge)
  • Knowledge wealth created can be used for personal consumption, business decision-making, formal & informal presentations etc.
  • Regular updates keep subject knowledge latest and fresh
  • Continued & uninterrupted knowledge building exercise allows all reference & relevance of information due to extended shelf life
  • Review report serves as dedicated research study on the subject

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